Le 22 juin 2022
De 9h à 12h

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Webinar hosted by André Deschamps

Mandatory for anyone who prepares shipments or transports dangerous goods.
Duration of training : 3 h

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Formation TDG Transport of Dangerous Goods

Formation TDG Transport of Dangerous Goods


Duration of training

3 h


Basic training course – Within everyone's reach

Legal obligation

Mandatory for anyone who prepares shipments or transports dangerous goods.

Sectors of activity

  • Body shops
  • Mechanics
  • Heavy vehicule mechanics
  • Storage
  • Parts sale and distribution
  • Towing and roadside services
  • Vehicule dismantling


Employers – owners, managers, service directors
Workers – shipping and transportation personnel


This training is intended for those who prepare shipments (packaging and documentation) and those who deliver them. At the end of this session, participants will :

  • be aware of their obligations in regard of TDG requirements ;
  • identify packaging according to regulation ;
  • prepare documents according to regulation.

Session outline

  • Legislation
  • Training requirements, training certificate
  • Document retention requirements
  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • Overview of classes and dangers of product families of goods
  • Product classes in the automative services
  • Shipments preparation
  • Compliant packaging and containers
  • Identification of goods : classification label, shipping name, UN number
  • Shipping documents
  • Limited quantity : identification and documentation
  • Other exemptions and special cases
  • Dangerous goods transportation and delivery
  • Placards
  • Driving rules ; level crossing, tunnels, etc.


  • Identification of boxes : limited quantity or not?
  • Shipping documents ; various situation simulations, preferably using the company's forms
  • Placarding : situation simulations