Le 05 juin 2024
De 8h à 11h

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Webinar on the Zoom platform, hosted by André Deschamps

Basic training – Accessible to everyone
Duration: 3 hours (theory – will be followed by a practical part on the premises)

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Webinaire - Forklifts Safe Driving

Webinaire - Forklifts Safe Driving
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Session Length

3 h, plus practical part


Basic training - Accessible to everyone


Knowing how to operate a forklift
Having access to a forklift in good operating condition

Legal obligation

Yes, for people who drive a forklift or similar motorised handling equipment 


  • Car mechanical shops
  • Heavy vehicle mechanical shops
  • Warehouses
  • Parts sales and distribution
  • Vehicle dismantling and recycling


Employers – owners, managers, service directors
Workers – all



At the end of the training session, participants:

  • will know dangers of forklifts and of proximity of forklifts and pedestrians;
  • will be aware of the safety measures importance;
  • will know how to inspect and safely use these vehicles. 


1. Forklifts

2. Forklifts characteristics

3. Stability and capacity

4. Inspection

5. Powering (electric, propane and diesel)

6. Safety rules

  • Safe driving
  • Load handling

7. Supplementary modules (as needed)

  • Loading docks
  • Forklift attachments
  • Order picker
  • Lifting workers (lifting cage)
  • Safety harness
  • Motorized pallet jacks

Individual practical session in the workplace (adapted to the environment):

  • Forklift inspection
  • Safe driving skills
  • Material handling